Kate Harrington

Update profile 1st April '07.

Wot, no sins?
Come on, don't just ride the dirt, spread some!

Kate still lives locally. She left engineering and now teaches Yoga (amongst other things).

Kate started passengering Sidecars in 1990 and sold her last road bike (NC30) to fund racing. Kate competed in ten Isle of Man TT races - the best finish in the top 10!!

Now Kate races Enduro, riding a CRF250f and is current Ladies Champion, competing in the Fast Eddy series and British Championship.

You may recall that Kate raised money for Riders for Health. She also organises side car laps for the public at the Day of Champions at Donington Park. You can support a friend and past member, and a good cause, while getting the poo frit out of you.

Among Kates other interests there still lingers a love of live music but she hasn't been to a rally in years!!