Martyn Green

Update profile April '10.

Martyn won't fess up so you will have to tell on him.

Martyn now lives on the wrong side of Northamptonshire near Thrapston. His children are growing up fast - the youngest is this year and the eldest of six boys is . Martyn is back to single status as of 2001 as he claims he couldn't afford to run a wife plus a full garage.

When Martyn sent this profile update he was still recovering from an RTA back in Oct 2007.

Start of quotation I must be the only silly bu**er who has a job yet cannot get to do it. End of quotation

- Martyn

Martyns interests now include breathing, waking up each day, his boys, bikes and riding through Europe and to rallies when he can.

Martyn joined the ranks of BMW riders several years ago and hasn't looked back. [I suppose the mirrors are good enough.]

Martyn's notes about his bikes and activities on and (coming) off have the potential to fill the Motorbikes Section.

Bikes owned in the past:


Known as Greeny for obvious reasons and it may have been even more appropriate if Martyn ever added a Kawasaki to his long list of motorcycles.


Sadly Martyn passed away on 15 December 2012.