Mary Roberts

Update profile September 2009.

On the way to the 1987 Pilgrim rally, Alan Blastland calmly rolling a ciggie on the pillion while Mary was negotiating roundabouts.

Mary started riding in 1985 with the training scheme. Learnt on a Yam RD125 then rallied on a Yam XJ550 for years, then Kwak GT750. Now got another GT750. It always was - and still is - just about rallying. Mary says ...

Start of quotation Never been keen on runs out, don't get up before midday when at home weekends, and if I'm riding a bike on Sunday it's because I'm coming home from a rally.

Rallies are a week's worth of socialising compressed into in a weekend. End of quotation

Mary promises to supply some photographic evidence from 80-90s and some of the rally reports when she first started, if she can face opening the sealed + alarmed boxes from the vault.

This page would also benefit from a pic with a selection of Mary's best rally trophies, or possibly one from each year to date. (Enough modesty Mary - we can do a slide show!)

Mary still lives in Wigston and works for a Borough Council in a neighbouring county.

aka Big Mary

We need a photo!

NOT Scarey Mary, that's someone entirely different