Nina Kersley

Update profile October '07.

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Nina still lives in Leicester although not from the area to start with.

Nina married the amazing Mr Jez Kenchington in 1986, and if you read his profile you'll see what they have been doing since (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). Jez turned into a gardener, and I went from office work to nursery (plants that is) work and then back to office work again!

At the moment Nina is a receptionist, and claims it is the best job yet. It doesn't leave a lot of time for interests, what with work and family, but when they finally stop colleging and start working it might be a bit less hectic at times.

Nina learnt to ride on a Honda CM125 but had to take her Star Rider test on a Yam RS125 'cos the Custom wouldn't go round the cones!!! Came down to Leicester with a Suzuki GSX 400T "but I'm better now" and then took over Jez's GS550, with occasional solo voyages on the Katana (that is when she promised not to drop it again...) and all the other bikes he had.

Like the old man, Nina drives round in a (very) small Fiat, listening to Planet Rock rather loudly. (It's her daughter's car honest...)


Well, it is Nina Kenchington now but that may not be the name you knew Nina by last century.

"What do you mean last century? I feel old enough sometimes as it is!!"