Niven Withers

Update profile Jan '09.

This is your opportunity to sell Niven down the river.

What antics did he pull while at the club?

I presently live in Enderby Leicestershire. I have rode many bikes since leaving the club. I still ride an '05 Honda ST1300 Pan European.

I'm always on the look out for another bike, been looking at the Kawasaki GTR1400.

Although my flying arm chair is no match for my son's beasts (Ducati 749s & Suzuki GSXR600 flying machines) can't wait for the decent weather so I can eat my lad's dust. That is if I can get near him - just a speck in the distance usually, ho ho.

Mind you, my side panniers are very useful for my Just for Men hair products and my moisturisers. Presently sporting a beard, but I was mistaken for my girlfriends dad this morning so think it should go. This bloody GreaseOn 2000 is crap.

Well, be good to hear from anyone on the site, so say Hi.

PS my lads wrote this, in as I'm computer illierate.