Update profile 16th July '07.

A clean shaved view of Paul.
And another rear view mercifully with his knickers on!

Paul was a member, he thinks, from '79 to '85ish before getting married and fleeing to Brisbane in mid '85. He has been hiding there ever since.

Unfortunately no bike these days, but those who knew Paul would know that that's not such a bad thing as he confesses to being a pretty bad rider & wrote off a few bikes in his time. We've all been there Paul.

Paul enjoys having a look at all the old pic's, they bring back many very good memories. Hopefully you will get in touch with him to remind him of Blighty.

He has not yet sent a recent photo as he claims not to have aged at all & is still as handsome as the day he left. Good grief, has he still got that 'tache?