You owe it to your fondly remembered motorcycle to write its epitaph for this section. Or alternatively spit in the eye of some old nail one more time - and good riddance!

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Random photograph from the Motorbike section. Click it to see the page.

We want your tribute to your favourite motorcycle, glowing with lyrical praise, accompanied by scans of treasured photographs and maybe a few testimonials from honoured pillion riders ...


Get it all off your chest with a rant against that heap of junk that only ever ran well just before throwing you into a ditch. Tell us what you suffered in order to make it to rallies and race meetings and half way home again.


We will also accept road test reports on any modern (or old) motorcycles that you are jammy enough to get a ride on.

We want to know it all, in broad strokes of thick paint or in finely engineered detail, it's up to you and how the muse takes you. Lube up with a couple of pints of ale to gain a fluid style and rose-tinted perspective. You add the expletives and leave the punctuation to us.

Alternatively you can dash off a few choice details on the form below and we'll ask questions if we really must.

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Why did you get this bike?
What modifications did you make?
Where did you go on it?
What was its best feature?
What was the most annoying fault?
Did it ever break down?
Why did you sell it?
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Remember to send scans of your photographs.