Triumph Trident T160V

SAY 958 R

.. he looked at me as if I was the lowest form of pond life ..

- John

I had a 2 week holiday touring the the Alpine passes between France, Italy and Switzerland. Somewhere near the Italian French border whilst stopped in a cafe for a coffee, I heard a crash. Looking out the window what should I see but one Triumph on it's side. After some Anglo-Saxon expletives I went out to investigate. Usual story man in car not looking in his mirror bashes into another object whist backing out.

Anyway, after picking the bike up and observing that there was no damage, panniers absorbed the impact, I expected the gentleman to get out the car and apologise. But no, he looked at me as if I was the lowest form of pond life and his strawberry blonde wife could hardly conceal her disdain in having a grubby motorcyclist within her proximity. The core of this tale is the man in question was African and the car had CD plates from Geneva.

Well a few years later I was watching the news on the goggle box and suddenly he jumped out the box and hit me in the eyes. It was none other than our esteemed leader of the known world. Have you guessed it? None other than Kofi Annan the BASTARD he's certainly no gentleman.

So there you have it; my old Trident now owned by Derek Jordan (Dougal) has been clonked by a world statesman. Pity he coudn't even apologise and even help me lift the Triumph up, typical politician.

- John Ashworth