Public Service Announcement

After a few discrete enquiries and more than a bit of connivance and string-pulling, can now provide an exclusive service to ex-members of the Leicester Phoenix Motorcycle Club and their closest friends.

Safety Cameras can catch you out anywhere and once a ticket is issued there is nothing you can do to avoid the penalty. But there is a brief time between the recording of the speed photo and the issue of a penalty when camera partnership staff can cancel the case for various reasons.

An anonymous ex-member was contracted to work for the company who programmed the system controls. He installed an entry system for use in case of a software lock-up. This "back door" into the program has been made available to us.

IMPORTANT: To cancel a speed camera record choose the third option (Invalid calibration certificate) because all the other options require further information. The whole system will be exposed if you select any other option!!

Type the following characters (Letters and numbers. If there is a zero it will have a diagonal cross.) into the security code box. This procedure is to prevent automated systems from entering the site.

Security Code
Type of vehicle  
Private Car
Vehicle Registration
Search for record

If it is after the date shown on the status entry of the record then you are too late to stop this ticket from being issued to you!

Please keep this service to yourself, your immediate family and closest friends. Do not abuse it. We do not condone speeding so only use it for small, unintended transgressions.

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Ben Crossley 15 September 2005