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Colin Turnbull sent what he recalls of the East Durham MCC Shithouse Door rallies that he attended. Sadly Colin later lost his badges so now he only has his memories to remind him. Memories and his paragraph on our report. See how precious your words are? Almost as valuable as the badges!

According to Phil the Spill, the Highland Fling rally in 1993 consisted largely of flinging cabers and a lot of straw. See what else you can glean from Phil's photos.

Jean-Francois Helias added a few more snaps of 59 Club events, this week illustrating their adventures on the Elefantentreffen.

I wonder how many of them raced to see if they could get round the Nurburgring before the jukebox record finished.

Francois provided 94 more R Badges, but these are the proverbial tip of the Titanic. There are lots more to come. They may be announced with the cry Our badges are R badges, our badges are!

+ 57

Hans Veenendaal is gathering intelligence from all across Europe to add more events to his Rally Listing. This week Hans added 57 treffen and thankfully only deleted three. Still some events left this year but check with the organisers.

Dragon Years

It is possible to find many things on the interweb, but rallying information is thin on the ground. So when Andy from Coventry tried to recall where the 1990, 91 and 92 Dragon Rallies were located he drew a blank and contacted us through our Facebook Page.

Andy's guess and some research indicate Capel Curig for 1990 but we are unable to locate any info on the following two years. Can you put Andy out of his misery? Or at least, tell him where he was, so he can find his way home.

Coming Soon

Some time next week we will add reports for the 1978 Stella Alpina by Jean-Francois Helias, the 1993 Brighthelmstone rally by Phil Drackley and a bunch of Race Badges from Francois. Another Foz List is in the offing and hopefully more future rallies from Hans.

Cycling October

Fifteen Embers cycled 539 miles this week, encouraged by a brilliant but chilly day. Southern Embers reached Coventry for their lunch while Northern Embers returned to Tilton-on-the-Hill. A lot of pubs are being replaced by housing plots but the Rose and Crown is still there, hemmed in by new buildings.

No rest for the wicked and they hardly come any worse than the Embers. Next week our efforts will be repeated on , weather permitting. Southern Embers plan to start from Kibworth and ride into the wind for an easier return with a big lunch inside them.

Club Night

The Leicester Phoenix MCC (who?) are still meeting on but not at the Elephant and Castle. They are choosing a different location each week and beginning early, at 6:30pm. If you want to catch up with them you need to be on their email list or check our Calendar beforehand. It's a struggle to keep the club going in these days but worth the effort.

Skype Night

Next Skype Night is on at our usual 8pm. Skype updated again last week so I couldn't replace my cluttered room using a more salubrious background image. At least I could show the other participants my woodwork project. I'm rarely happier than when making my little what-not stand.

Michael Veasey

Michael sent us a profile update to let us know he is alive and well and working in Skegness these days. Michael, who was a member through the 1980s, is optimistic he will be back on a motorcycle sooner or later. He would like to hear from friends. So would we.

Rodney Taylor

Today we received the sad news that Coventry Antelope's rallying ambassador, Rodney Taylor, passed away a few days ago.

Some of Rodney's travels are documented on our Antelope pages by Francois but his personal memories have now passed with him. Hopefully friends will share a few more anecdotes of a great character.

Foz Spot

The young woman told the doctor "I have green marks on the inside of my thighs."

The doctor had a look and said, "Is your boyfriend a biker?"

She said "Yes, why?"

He said, "Tell him his earrings aren't real gold."

Don't let your missus catch you reading this week's Foz List or you are likely to be rolling-pinned. That's what Nick Reeves tells us.