Abbey Rally

26 March 1982 Whitby MC 77 Club

It was quite a wet 250 miles to North Yorkshire that Neil and I travelled to this one.


- Phil

The facilities were limited, to say the least and I don't remember going into a building the whole weekend, so I am not even sure there was a pub nearby, or we were just not allowed in the nearest ones.

There were quite a few trees in the area we had for camping, (I would hesitate to call it a field), which meant there could not be any bonfires, which would have been welcome in the cold nights we were there.

There was quite a small army-surplus marquee, where we grouped for the music and canned beer. There must have been a burger van on site, or I would remember starving.

The phrase 'Grim oop north' springs to mind, as I don't remember any sunshine the whole weekend.

We seemed to enjoy ourselves, though I don't recall ever wanting to go back there.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley