ABC Temperance Weekend

Weekend 25th March 1988 - ABC

For most of us this was just like a normal Club night, as it was held in our usual meeting place, the Crooked Billet in Colney Heath. Well, usual apart from the fact that we were camping in the field out the back, rather than riding home at chuck-out time.

It was mostly just the Club, ABC, but we also had representatives from the Bell MCC, Twits MCC, along with members of our own outlying club branches, (Exeter & Gloucester), and any other people we felt like inviting.

This year we had hired the village hall on Saturday evening for a nominal fee, (a couple of pints for the caretaker), but Friday was spent in the pub as usual. After closing time there was, of course, a well-supplied bonfire to keep us chatting for a few hours.

On Saturday, around lunchtime, there was a run to another local pub, but the convoy leader either had a breakdown, or got lost, so it took a while to get there. After a quick pub session on our return, we relocated to the village hall, where the in-club group had a whole stage to entertain us from.

Some hours later, we returned to the pub for the purpose of destroying as much alcohol as we could, in keeping with the name of the weekend, before resorting to the bonfire again. And so to bed.

Sunday morning wasn't too much of a strain, except, perhaps, for the Exeter contingent, who had some distance further than the rest of us to travel home.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley