About Time Rally

The About Time Rally was held at Stubbings Farm, Otley, West Yorkshire.

This used to be a popular rally venue.

- Dave Cooper

Start of quotation In 1986 the About Time was held in Haworth, home of the Brontes and also of a river tributary that ran through the campsite and was thus handy for baptising first-time rallyists (who were all female that year, oddly enough).

In 1987 the rally was held at the Great Yorkshire Showground in Harrogate. End of quotation

- Anon


Start of quotation 1986 ish on a GPZ1100 unitrack. Did the 2 nights with Martin Pickles riding pillion.

Brilliant sunshine and a marquee. I remember there were bales of straw for seats in the tent and it ended up a straw fight in the far corner with me and some girl snoggin under all the straw.

It must have been the same weekend as Live Aid or summat like it 'coz it was playing in all the pubs.

Massive hill to the pubs but a young lad was ferrying people up and down on an outfit

Bob Padgett turned up - he had hitched and caught buses to get down as he had smashed his Jota up - and his new party trick was to show everyone the hole in his leg.

Waterboard came on Saturday tea time to burst the dam everyone had made.

Fun times before old age and the need for airbeds. End of quotation

- Mike Bilclough (Pouchie)
Barnard Castle and District MCC