Augustus Rally

Organised by Salford Centurions MCC. (It was last held in 1999 but may re-appear!)

The Rally may be called the Augustus, but the 1999 event was in October!

The site was off the A49 near Beeston at a nice pub, but the camp site was arranged around a small valley with access from one side, so as the site filled up it got more and more difficult to get your bike in and out or find somewhere reasonably flat. (Nothing new there then!)

The A49 is one of my favourite roads and, as I was late getting away, I was perhaps going a little too fast as I was approaching the turn off for the rally. I came round a corner and nearly ran into the back of a large van doing about 4 mph. It was covered in signs saying something about "Lands End to John O'Groats". When I got past, I saw that I had nearly become famous by crashing into Ian Botham on one of his long distance charity walks!

- Ted Trett


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