Rally Badges

From A to Z

Motorcycle Rallies are a great way to combine motorcycle touring, camping, boozing and socialising with fellow bikers.

As well as organising the Big End Rally the Leicester Phoenix Motorcycle Club members have enjoyed rallying since the first Dragons in the early sixties.

Here is a gallery of rally badges from members and friends spanning the years. If you have badges and photos please scan them and send them in. We will also include your stories about motorcycling and try to put you in touch with old friends.

Badges for FE Camp, FFM 3 Jours de Corse, FFM Challenge Jean Lesueur, FFM Jeux, FFM Jeux Motocyclistes, FFM Randonneur, FIM Congress, FIM GM Fox, FIM Meritum, FIM Meritum Gruppo Italia, FIM Motocamp, FIM Rallye, FKY, FMB Merite Touristique, FMB Tourisme, FMC Winter Nachtfahrt, FMF, Faenza, Fagnanese, Fagnani, Fagnani Legnano, Fair City, Fairly Well Endowed, Falcons, Falcons , Falisolle, Falke, Falkene Sydfyn, Fall Over, Fallas, Falls, Far From Sirius, Farmer, Farmers Fest, Farmyard Party, Farndale, Faro, Faron, Farso, Farso Hyggeweekend, Farso Vintertraef, Fatally Attracted, Federation Of Sidecar Clubs, Feengrotten Classics, Felgueiras, Fellowship, Fellowship Sunbeam Owners, Felsberg Gensungen, Femminile Cagiva, Femminile Conselice, Fenicios, Fenlanders, Fenman, Fennecs, Fenton, Fertilia, Festes Del Arros, Festival, Festort Altdorf, Feudeenheimer Gelandefahrt, Feurs, Fichtelgebirgs-Zuverlassigkeitsfahrt, Fichtenhain- Bahn Rennen Heide in Holstein, Fidenza, Fiery Cross, Fiesta, Fiestas Del Pilar, Finita, Finlake, Fir Bolg, Firebird, Firebirds, Firenze, Firenze Impruneta, First, First Edition Benefit, First In At The Trough, First In The Trough, First National, Fish Eagle, Fish Holes, Fiveeight by Threeeight, Flamants Roses, Flappit Around, Flat Tank, Flibustiers, Flinsberg, Florida Christian MA, Florstadt, Flugplatz Rennen Speyer, Flugplatzslalom Erding, Fly By Night, Fly In The Eye, Flying Boot, Flying Fart, Flying Ferrit, Flying Haggis, Flying Horse, Flying Monkeys, Flying Snake, Flying Vicar, Foix, Foligno, Fonsegrives, Fontcalda, Fontenay Le Comte, Fontenay le Comte, Fontenay-aux-Roses, Fools, Foot In Mouth, For Fox Sake, Force Ten, Forchtenberg, Forest Ghost, Forst, Forty Two, Forza Italia, Fossano, Four Roses, Four Seasons, Fox, Fox n Dale, Foxy Lady, France, Francs Motards, Frangy, Frank Schweiz, Frankenbach, Frankenwald, Free Miners, Free Wheels, Freedom, Freiburg, Freiburg Haslach, Freier Grund, Freigericht, Freital, Frejus, Fremont Travelers, Frenzy, Frestedt, Freunde alter Motorrader, Freundeskreis, Freundschafts, Fribourg, Fribourg Criterium, Friday 13th, Friendly Terrier, Friese Elfsteden Tocht, Friese Wouden Toertocht, Friesland Toertocht, Froid-Chapelle, Fronberg, Frozen Balls Up, Frozen Brick, Frozen Fleece, Frozen Gnome, Frozen Leek, Frozen Nuts, Fruhjahrs, Fruhjahrsanfahrt, Fruhlings, Fu Moon, Fuchsjagd, Fuchsjagd AMC Stemweder Berg, Fuchsjagd Balingen Hohenzollern, Fuchsjagd Bensheim, Fuchsjagd Berlin, Fuchsjagd Bezirk Oldenburg, Fuchsjagd Chemnitz, Fuchsjagd DKW Club Wiesbaden, Fuchsjagd Des OTC, Fuchsjagd Dieburg, Fuchsjagd Dortmund, Fuchsjagd Fruhjahr, Fuchsjagd Gaurheinland, Fuchsjagd Geigelberg, Fuchsjagd Halden, Fuchsjagd Idstein, Fuchsjagd Karlsruhe, Fuchsjagd Koelner Hubertus, Fuchsjagd Koln Dellbruck, Fuchsjagd Koln-Dellbruck, Fuchsjagd Langenfeld, Fuchsjagd Leipzig, Fuchsjagd MCF, Fuchsjagd MSK Rapid, Fuchsjagd Mindelheim, Fuchsjagd Munchen, Fuchsjagd Nurnberg, Fuchsjagd Offenbach, Fuchsjagd Osterreichischer TC, Fuchsjagd PSU, Fuchsjagd RVW, Fuchsjagd Rieser, Fuchsjagd Rodheim, Fuchsjagd Stuttgart, Fuchsjagd Traunstein, Fuchsjagd Ulmer, Fuchsjagd Weil der Stadt, Fuchsjagd Weinbohla, Fuchsjagd Wiesbaden, Fuchssuche Bannerweihe, Fuchssuche Ginsheim, Fuengirola, Full, Full Moon, Fun At The Fort, Fuori Strada, Fur & Feather, Furness Vale, Furry Boots, Furry Teeth, Furstenfeldbruck and Furstenhagen rallies.

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Read the FAQ advice for sending pictures. There is also a useful entry in the 15 October 2010 Blog about photographing badges.