Big End

The first Big End Rally was in 1980 but, as there were two 'missing' years, this was not the 40th.
You need to survive another two rallies to reach that.


Although the weather wasn't the best, the group providing the music was.

Rallyists leaving early on Sunday morning left plenty of space for photos of the campsite.

Plenty to keep people entertained outside despite the wind. Thanks to everyone who added ballast to the porta-loo.

Prizes were awarded on Sunday morning. Graham Brown had already set off on his long ride home before the ceremony, but had the trophy in his posession. Rosie Davies stayed to received UK Ladies long distance. Gundi Matthews from Hamburg was Continental Long Distance winner and also took some prizes in the raffle that she generously passed round the crowd. UK club turnout was won by Toads and Dogends and a special commemorative trophy for continental club turnout went to the Racing Turtles from Germany. Best Bike was voted (not by referendum) to be the 1973 Suzuki T500 Titan.

The cakes stall, raffle and other endeavours raised over £250 for Blood Bikers, made up to a round three hundred by the club.

Nigel Woodthorpe organised a superb rally as usual, well supported by club members. Nice to see more than a few past members reliving their yoof.

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