Big End Rally

The Rally organised by our Mother Club, the Leicester Phoenix MCC.

A few pictures from the 2004 event and a brief report from Peter Juby, Leicester Phoenix MCC Chairman.

Big End 2004

Rally had over 370 prebook or pay on the gate (we don't know yet how many of the pre-books failed to turn up - we were too tired to bother counting)

The Control was kept busy throughout the weekend. The rally was larger than usual thanks to the efforts of Nigel 'Four Flusher' Woodthorpe.

Or to put it delicately, he organised the extra loos.

The weather was generally good, although I suspect some poor individuals may have had wet journeys both ways.

There were approx 200 gallons of "guest beers" at the beginning of the event and very little left at the end.

At least, it was dry outside of the bar.

Big End 2004

I have always been a sucker for a good motorcycle and sidecar combination.

Sorry if I got saliva on the sidecar.

This is an interesting and very neat solution if you want your three wheels to be symetrical.

My problem is keeping them circular.

Ken Randon, Lila Hessin, Terry Reynolds, Dave Cockerton and Andrew Ayriss made an early start on the refreshments.

We will not dwell on what Kenny was doing with the leg.

The raffle raised £206 for the air ambulance.

Both bands and the disco were well received.


Big End 2004

Jan and John Newitt were unlucky enough to fall in with a bad crowd.

Good thing John still has his wicked sense of humour.

I missed seeing Brian Reynolds but he describes as much as he recalls about Saturday nights activities.
Start of quotation We went into town on the Saturday night with the Ayriss clan, but brother Terry dragged Lila, Dave Cockerton and myself around most the pubs on the walk back to the site. Great weekend as usual. I think they have found a really good site there after some not so good in the years after leaving Scraptoft. End of quotation

- Brian Reynolds