Big End

Friday morning on a weekend that promises to be hot and dry...
except for in the bar of course.

This year a bake sale to raise funds for Ukrainian Orphanages. Notice the wording on the badge for 2022.

Plenty of room for early arrivals like Tim Wicks to pitch a tent. We have added bearings so you can figure our which way to align your tent to make the most of any passing breeze and some afternoon shade.


Control tent up, signs posted, Gary, Roger and Alan ready to welcome riders. This year also welcoming bikers that wish to pay on the gate.

This year the club chose to raise funds for Ukrainian children charities. Money raised from cake sales and raffle destined to go directly to where it can make a difference.

The field soon filled up with motorcycles and tents - and trikes and bikavans.

A few past members still recapture a whiff of their misspent youth by joining the rally or with a short visit to remind themselves of the good ol' days. We miss the singing...
...thank heavens!

There is a short video of Saturday Night. Be thankful that we are only showing a few silent stills.

Rallyist who were awake but not already on their way home eagerly awaited the awards and raffle draw.

Unfortumately I'd recently manicured my finger-nails, else some of these would have been peeled off for our sticker page.