BMF Rally

Peterborough May 1980


- Phil the Spill

The first time I went to the BMF Rally, I wasn't even a member of the BMF. Indeed, my club only went to the Show part, on the Sunday. I'm not sure we even knew about the actual rally that preceded it on the Saturday. So as far as we knew we were just going to a large outdoor bike show.

The only notable event occurred when we were making our way through one town, (I cannot remember which town, or why we weren't on the A1), as Pete was pulled for excessive noise on his RD250. I suppose it would have helped if there were baffles in the pipes. There followed a delay while he constructed some makeshift devices from a soft drink can and some chicken wire, and we were on our way again.

This delay meant we missed quite a bit of the goings-on in the arena, but there were some interesting bikes in the parking area.

I suppose some of our party bought vital biking supplies, but I don't recall doing so myself.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley