Cardiff Rally

"Rali Caerdydd"

Organised by the Triumph Owners MCC, but was open to riders of all makes of bikes.

I only went to one of these, and then only in support of the Dean Valley MCC's attempt to win our first Club award! We seemed to have lots of interest, for a change, and on the Tuesday before the rally at the DVMCC club meeting, great plans for the journey were being made. At the time I was riding a Honda 400/4, and I was told in no uncertain terms by some of my fellow club members, ("Shilling" Bob Gardner, "Mexican" Pete Fisher and "Dick the Butcher" Richard Lewis, all Honda Gold Wing Riders) that there was no point in meeting up with them as I would be unable to keep up!

It may be all motorways but it's the Long Way Round!

- Ted

Well as you can imagine that set the challenge for an interesting Friday ride out. I managed to finish work early so I could set off at the same time as the others, but I had my own route in mind. The little 400 was thrashed mercilessly across the M62, down the M6 & M5 / M50 then across the A40 /A449 to join the M4 near Newport and on to Cardiff.

I had expected to be passed on the motorway, but I never saw anybody I knew.

I arrived at the Rally booked in and got the tent up and still no sign of them.

Oh well off to the pub then. I think the rally was on a race course or something similar and we were using the bar on there. In fact it was quite a big set up and I think they were expecting to have far more people there than actually turned up (at least while I was there.) Closing time came and still no sign of any of my club, then as I got back to my tent, what's this? Headlights approaching, and yes they got there but via a massive traffic jam near Bristol (they used the Severn Bridge). This meant they had a dry Friday! It may be all motorways but it's the Long Way Round!

Next morning it was up and away as I was actually on my way to the Devils Weald Rally, so my route planning isn't that good!

But that's another story ...

At the next Tuesday's club meeting I was proudly shown the Club award from the Cardiff, but the Gold Wing riders were strangely quiet!

- Ted Trett