Centurion Rally

This rally must have been held in the early 1980s because it was at a time when the Shakespeare MCC attended rallies as a group.

About seven or eight of use rode down though cold & damp on the Saturday.

The venue in the Wells/Cheddar area was located on a rural cross roads. As I remember it there was a pub bounded by fields on one corner. Another two corners also had open fields. On the fourth corner, the rally site was what appeared to be long defunct quarry.

The rally site may have had a small control tent but nothing more. All food & drink was going to be done in the pub. Trouble was there had been trouble in the pub on the Friday night. (I think there had been complaints when it closed on time.) This had caused the landlord to ban ALL of the rally from the pub.

The site was miles from any other pub. We did not fancy an evening & night in a cold damp field so we just badged it. Turned round & went home.

- Dave Cooper