Chapel Rally

Chapel MCC - 13 September 1985

Due to a late Friday shift at work, and a shot at overtime on Sunday morning, I was unable to spend all weekend here, so I didn't even bring my tent. It wasn't too far away from home, being in Tatsfield, not too far from Westerham, in Kent, a famous bottleneck for Dover-bound traffic before the motorways were laid through there.

Apparently Friday went well. I arrived a little while before the games, which looked painful and suitably embarrassing.

According to the flyer we were given upon entry, there was no point visiting the town in the afternoon, so everybody remained on site.

The catering tent was only a few feet from the music/beer tent, and there was a roof-less passageway between the two, a little annoying in the slight drizzle that occurred during the day.

The evening itself went off well, with much beer and dancing going on. A couple of indoor games made people a bit messy and naked in equal measure. One girl, despite stripping down to her underwear, retained her modesty by keeping on her sunglasses.

Not long after this, I felt the need to hurry home for the annoying but lucrative shift the next day, but I hear it was an enjoyable night again, (usually is when I can't attend).

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley