Chimney Rally

18th February 1983 - Bedford Eagles MCC

I managed to get a ticket for this rally from a work-mate, whose club were 'known' to the organisers, otherwise I wouldn't have stood a chance, it being a strictly invite-only event. As it turned out, I knew most of the people there, but if your name isn't on the list, you don't get an invite.

The rally was based in a pub, with camping in a field behind it. As is usual with this type of layout, especially at this time of year, several hours were spent in the pub before venturing out to the marquee. While we were in there, quite a few had a play with the various types of (probably illegal) animal traps that adorned the wall around the roaring fire.

On Saturday there seemed to be remarkably few hangovers in view, never mind - chance for some more later. A burger van made good trade and I think the pub was selling a fair bit of hot food as well.

There were some silly games in evidence, tug-of-war, throwing stuff and unofficial stuff like non-waterproof tent burning, taking apart the bike in the car-park etc.

There was one particularly difficult game, much more fun to watch than participate in, I imagine, whereby three people linked arms, so they were back to back, (to back), each left leg was tied to the right of the person next to them, (and vice versa), and finally, they were blindfolded. The assembled mass had to negotiate an obstacle course guided by a fourth person shouting at them. I'm not sure how many painful injuries resulted from that game, but it looked dangerous.

Later on everybody relocated to the marquee and those that had a mind to removed items of clothing, (OK - one girl).

The weather on Sunday was pretty much as it had been all weekend, overcast but not raining, meaning the ride home was a bit chilly, but not wet.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley