Cliff Rally

1977 and 1979

The Cliff rally was organised by Pegasus MCC Derbyshire, at the Cliff Inn, Crich.

I went in 1977 and 1979. For the 77 one I was on my Honda 400/4. On Friday night I was at the Bag o' Bolts rally in Leeds but the weather was bad so I didn't get down to the Cliff until Saturday morning.

I think this was the first time I went to Crich Tramways Museum as the rally was just below the museum site. In those days it was a bit basic. Now they have built a replica village and the track is a bit longer and the range of restored trams is amazing. Well worth a visit!

I can't remember anything about my visit in '79 other than that it was one of my first rallies trying out my GS850G/Squire outfit. It was ok going down but on the way home there was a strong 3/4 headwind and my shoulders ached for a week from having to pull on the bars to keep the outfit straight.

I can only suppose that alcohol was consumed and all normal rally activities happened but nothing else comes to mind.

- Ted Trett