Colombres Rally

Always motos, motos hundreds of them!

- Lady garage attendant

Our ship did not return to the UK on Mondays so we had to spend another day riding in their hills and we chose the ski lift at Las Arenas to see yet more views of the Picos mountains. It was just 40 miles away. The restaurant at the top provided lunch and the alpine chuff provided the entertainment in what can be described as a moonscape during the summer period. As with all bird watching, the best birds are always in the car park and today was no exception with jays being particularly obliging.

Tonight we decided eat at La Parra, why not? Remember it was very Spanish and "of the area". We parked up around 8.30pm and guess what? The restaurant was closed so we walked the 100 metres or so up to the "Rib Shack". However tonight there were no ribs on the menu and it was very quiet. Presumably it was not worth them roasting huge racks of ribs if there was little trade, but the kitchen still fed us well, garlic potatoes tasted excellent.

The final petrol fill up in Colombres gave us a puzzle when the lady attendant spoke to us in Spanish about her repetitive strain injury, "Always motos, motos hundreds of them!" We worked it out in the end and laughed with her as she bade us farewell.

- Mick Ayriss

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