Cossack Rally

Organised by the Cossack Owners Club at a variety of venues. This is a very active club. Val Cropp used to hold one at the Three Magpies in Sells Green near Melksham in Wiltshire but my pictures are from one I did years ago at Dent.

Cossack Rally, Dent campsite

There are always interesting bikes at Cossack rallies, not necessarily Russian ones. There is a sort of overlap of members with the MZ Riders Club and the Panther owners which means you are guaranteed to meet some 'characters'.

Pure-bred Cossack

I went to this one with Fat Barry Warrener who at one time had a Morris 1000 powered Ural outfit and Harry Herfield who was on 'Hagar', his 2CV powered Dnepr.


Camping was at the cheaper farm campsite in Dent and in my opinion better for it. On the Saturday there was a run out to Kirkby Lonsdale and then a visit to a Cossack member's house to see the four cylinder Ural outfit he was building.

Val Cropp's waistcoat

Eating and drinking was in the fine hostelries of Dent and a good night was had by all. Sunday's ride home through the Yorkshire Dales was, as always, amazing

- Ted Trett