Dean Valley Rally

On Johnny Croxson (The Vicar)'s waistecoat there is a Dean Valley MCC badge in black with a motorcycle in the centre and 1971. That was the first ever DVMCC rally held by a break off group from the Denholme and District MCC who based themselves in Halifax, hence Dean Valley because the River Dean flows through Halifax. They met at the Coach and Horses pub in Akroyd, Halifax.

The first Dean Valley MCC rally was held at Stannage just outside Marsden. The field used was close to a transport cafe and a couple of pubs were within walking distance.

I went there on a borrowed trike. Well, for those who may remember, it was an NSU Quickly engine mounted in a small tricycle frame. It was used for towing drag bikes at race meets. It was so small I just rode it into the control tent. The police who passed me on the road just laughed and waved me on.

Don't remember much else as I was too drunk to remember.

Oh by the way, the site had been used previously by the Salford Centurians for the Ides of March Rally.

- David Miller