Dragon Rally

I have just got back from the 50th Dragon. It was held just outside Beddgelert on a big estate. Lots of mud, lots of beer and lots of rallyists. Must have been nearly 2,000.


- Russ

There were three old boys there who had attended all 50.

The weather was all right in the daytime but it threw it down in the night and everything in my tent was soaked.

It rained nearly all the way home on the Sunday but it was only 150 miles.

- Russ Shand - The Black Russian

Maurice is on the right. Photos from Steve Holbrook and Yvonne Townsend.

My pal Maurice Kettle, now 70, was presented with a 50 award, he's done them all.

Did you see the new book by young Miss Morgan? - "The 50 Year History"

- Steve Holbrook

Some of Yvonne Townsend's Facebook photos

Start of quotation I went in 1966 1977 with two brothers and three friends on a Vincent, BSA and BMW.

I especially remember the torchlight parade over Glyn Padarn

I am 73 now and still ride the same Vincent. Just back from the 50th. Wouldn't have missed it for the world but it's a long ride up from Edenbridge in Kent. End of quotation

- John Geal - Hetchins

See Yvonne's Dragon photos on Facebook.

Start of quotation My first Dragon was in 1989, on a BSA A10, still going to the event on the most unlikely of machines.

This year I went on my 1928 Indian 101 Scout. Also took, in the past, my 1916 Harley Davidson (twice), VW engined Ural, Reliant powered Dnepr, BSA with Hillman Imp engine, 1929 Rudge 500.

Looking forward to 2012. Great times. End of quotation

- Tim Berry - Tim

Start of quotation Just wanted to say thanks to all the organisers and those who helped run this great event. A completely dry one - that's a first for me. End of quotation

- Roy Chandler

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