Cumn Dribble int Ribble Rally

Organised by The Jesters MCC in Preston near to the River Ribble.

At a rugby or football club, but I forget which.

It's the only time I have ever watched fighting at a rally and enjoyed it!

- Ted

I had booked for this rally and arranged to meet up with Alan Barclay (The Banker) on the Saturday. At the time I was struggling to get time off work and thought that a local rally would give me a break and I would still be able to work on the Saturday morning. I had explained to Alan that I would be arriving on Saturday afternoon, but hadn't thought to tell him I would be on my latest toy. Instead of the usual BMW R100RS, I was on a Honda VFR 400 NC35 and in a small nylon tent, not my force ten. I looked all round the site for him, but he actually arrived after me, looked round for my BM and, when he couldn't find it, he went home!

I should explain that this was a large rally, probably over a thousand people, so as it was before mobile phones were so common, it was expecting a lot to meet up anyway.

I might have done hundreds of rallies, but it is still possible to not seem to know anybody! I wandered around and saw one or two familiar faces, but none of my regular rally club mates seemed to be there. But there was lots of entertainment provided. Besides the usual rock bands and disco's, there seemed to be some sort of competition, or at least I hope it was a competition, which involved sledge hammers and cars. It looked too energetic to join in, so I just cheered them on!

There also appeared to be a wedding going on in the largest marquee, although I am not sure if you can class this as entertainment!

At one end of the field the tents enclosed in a roped off area were all strange looking things. It turned out to be a battle re-enactment society, and they put on a very lifelike performance. It's the only time I have ever watched fighting at a rally and enjoyed it!

Eventually I took refuge in the lounge of the clubhouse on site and joined up with some people I knew from Hebden Bridge and some of the Brighouse & District (BAD MCC) and got back to more normal rally activities. Things seem a little blurred after that ...

I am not really sure what I had expected, but it had turned into a very different and enjoyable weekend. The only quibble I had was that despite prebooking, I was told I was too late to get a badge or a patch for the rally. Since then I have managed to get a badge from eBay. It's probably not from the correct year but never mind!

- Ted Trett