Drink Drop and Doss Rally

Held near to Folkestone in Kent by the Rejects Brotherhood in September.

The weather was sunny and the entertainment was formed of loads of different bands.

A rideout to the coast was Saturdays daytime activity.



The 2012 Drink, Drop and Doss Rally was held at Elham Farm in Kent at the usual weekend in mid September. It is very well run by the Reject Brotherhood.

I arrived on Friday to meet up with friends from Kent and to sample the ales and ciders. Three bands played that night.

On Saturday Salty Dog gave a good set. I then went to Hythe via half of Kent and came back to see four of the five bands playing that night. They were all very good and the ska band had a mass evacuation of the bar to the dancing area.

A very well organised and run rally.

It was four years ago that I last did this rally but I don't think another four years will go by before I do this one again.



It was time again to head for Elham in Kent for the Drink, Drop and Doss rally.

After a rather wet ride down it was good to put up the tent and head into the marquee for the evening's entertainment.

Once again the Reject Brotherhood had done a superb job on the entertainment front and the first band were Mental Block followed by a fantastic ska band the Skatronics that had me up and dancing although I had consumed about 2 pints of red wine by this time.

Saturday dawned and the weather was rather overcast so I stayed on site but there seemed plenty to do and Salty Dog gave a tremendous accoustic set.

There were a lot of people from Belgium at the rally the most noticeable club being MCP Horizan.

The evening then started with Barbed then the Brothers Grim and then finally Whole Lotta DC.

This seems always to be one of the best rallies around and this year again did not disappoint.

- Dave Ranger