East of Essex Rally

This rally was held in Essex in August. We had a lot of people turn up for this one including Trotsky, Nicola, Woolfey, Cal, Vince, Alan Wilson, Crazy Keith and me.

Cannot remember to much about Friday but on Saturday we had a ride around and then came back to the site and started playing cricket!

Early in the evening we decided to go to the local Green King pub which was a fair walk from the site. I can remember being quite inactive and feeling ill so I must have had a few the night before but the more I drank the better I felt. I left a bit earlier then the rest and staggered off back to site. When level with the rally field I fell in a ditch! I tried to climb out but looked at the fencing around field and decided I would never be able to climb over it, so decided to go to sleep. I awoke to laugthter and the others who had left the pub about two hours later dragged me out of the ditch and into the rally site.

- Dave Ranger

Obviously, EEMCC had some connections. How else could they have got the use of the East Essex Showground for the Rally? It was an immense field and had quite a few flat bits, probably, you just had to find them. It turned out it was just the field used as a car park that the club was allowed to occupy.

Friday night must have been quite warm, as many people didn't seem to mind getting almost as much beer thrown over them as they were consuming. Several people were discovered sleeping in the grass, having not bothered to make their way back to their tents.

On Saturday the games were numerous and well contested and, later, the beer was flowing in various directions. So much so that some of the organisers were wearing their waterproofs even though it wasn't raining. Having said that, there was also some straw flying about to mop up some of the excess.

All the catering was dealt with by one burger van! He must have been worn to a frazzle by the end of the weekend, and it must have been a profitable one, too.

The badge was the result of the makers going from a rough sketch that one of the club suggested, supposing that they would substitute a proper map on the actual badge.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley