1977-79 Organised By Motor Club Emmerich.

I hadn't long started working in Germany and as of yet hadn't brought any camping gear over when I found out about this rally in the pages of DAS MOTORRAD and as I would be passing Emmerich on the Friday evening on my way up to Holland I though I'll drop off the autobahnn and visit.

The rally was a couple of miles to the south of the town of Emmerich, a nice spot opposite a large pub/resturant. A good grass covered field with your normal bratwurst servery and mobile bar set up. Having just driven 100 miles of manic Germanic rush hour traffic through the Ruhr I needed a beer and a bite to eat before continuing on.

I stopped over one year and had a look around Emmerich, set on the side of a gentle south facing hill. I found it to be not your normal German town but a 50/50 cross with a Dutch town. Different, well worth a couple of hours wandering around.

- Les Hobbs