Faro Rally

The 2013 Faro Rally was the 32nd one and is organised by the Moto Clube Faro. Due to the distance and time needed to do it by bike I flew into Faro and walked the 10 mins to the site.


- Dave

This is one of the best, if not the best rally I have ever done. It is on a massive scale, perhaps 40,000 people and they came from Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, America, France, Britain, Spain, Germany, Holland and many other countries.

I did not see any trouble at all which did get me thinking that if clubs like the MCF ran goverments the world would be a better place with no wars or silly laws.

I put up the tent as it was getting dark and crossed the road to meet up with some friends from the Isle of Wight and sampled the beer and listened to the live bands. On the way back to my tent I discovered that the nearest bar sold red wine so a few nightcaps were partacken of. The bars also sell food and are open 24 hours a day.

The next day, which was Friday, I went to the town on the free bus which the MCF runs to the town and beach all weekend. I had some food and a few drinks and a walk around Faro.

Back at the site it was time to purchase two bottles of wine for the night and watch the live acts. We went down to the Oasis Bar which keeps a disco and the odd band going 24 hours a day and saw the swimming pool.

Saturday brought more 37 degree heat and cloudless blue skys. I had sardines and red wine which was one of the three meals provided free by the club.

After that it was into town again. I went down to the marina and climbed into this green and red electric tram which looked like the ninky nonk from in the night garden. This takes you on a tour of the old part of the town. This is once again provided by the MCF at no charge to rally participants.

Back to the site for more wine and this night's headline band, Saxon.

Sunday began with a free breakfast and lunch. Then the raffle for a new Harley Davidson and a week at Daytona Bike Week.

The final event is when the president of the MCF leads everyone out on a ride out.

This as I have already said is a very special event. The amount of people helping from the club and council was overwelming. It is perhaps unfair to compare it with the best British rallies because they have not got the helpers and money needed to hold such an event. This was more than just a rally, this was a joyous celebration of life at its finest.

- Dave Ranger