Flying Haggis Rally

Flying Haggis Rally held in Tigh na Bruach in Argyll and Bute (some 50 miles north of Glasgow) ran for three years and well annoyed the locals.

We emptied the three local villages of beer!

- Les and Alex

I was the Secretary and my Hubby was one of the founder members - we were the Balloch Bears MCC. Met on a Wednesday at the Balloch Hotel and rode around the west coast of Scotland.

I designed the badge! We made the news as we took over the Dunoon ferry for a whole weekend on the second rally and emptied the three local villages of beer!

We put on a bus transfer to the town and had a great ceilidh night (that's Scottish drunken dancing for you foreigners), usual dizzy sticks, dancing and fun.

We had great fun with our new found friends from Ireland who rewrote the highway code and managed to get eight over on three bikes - they even chatted up the local plod.

Had CBX 1000 then - now Triumph Tiger 955 (many in between)

Still both biking but tour about now. Not done a rally in years but ... who knows?

- Les and Alex


Start of quotation I was one of the original members. I designed the T‑shirts and flag. Attended 1st Flying Haggis on a windy mountain! End of quotation

- Mulholland

Start of quotation My husband Chas and I ran the last couple of Flying Haggis rallies. We have many happy memories of the Haggis Rally, in fact some of the people that we met at the Haggis Rally back then, we are still in contact with them, and we still do many rallies.

It would be good to hear from any former members from the Bears' days.

Cheers End of quotation

- Louise Morris

Sounds like a reunion is in the offing.

Start of quotation I was the Scottish Regional Rep for MAG UK and was a Balloch Bear when Chas and Alan and co were there.

Great memories of travelling to rallies with the Bears - 3 Sisters and the Flying Haggis - two of the highlights of my biking events. Had some great laughs and Chas was a diamond.

I'm no longer living in Scotland but will always cherish my years there and the fantastic people I met and worked with.

Without a doubt the best years of my life. End of quotation

- Gary Hough

Start of quotation I was in the Balloch Bears. I rode a variety of East European two strokes and a 650 Katana.

Now running a GT Kawasaki and a GSF 1250 Bandit.

Best bunch of bikers I've every met. End of quotation

- Derek Haggerty

Start of quotation I used to be a member of the Bears too! Nice pics Haggis! Brings back some hazy memories.

I'm still running around on bikes doing the odd rally. Still see Big Chas and Louise on occasion.

If Carlsberg did bike clubs ... End of quotation

- Brian Rennie

Start of quotation Just looking at some of the pics - my god, everyone was as ugly as I remember them.

I was in the club for a while and enjoyed many drunken rallies - still do.

I even bought Chas' V6 trike, what a beast. Still riding a trike now but not as big.

Got some good memories and embarrassing photos too. End of quotation

- Daz Carroll
Living in the Highlands still
Now working on the railway.

Start of quotation Did all three of the Flying Haggis rallies, had a brilliant time at all of them, well worth the ride up from north wales.

Is Andy McNichol still about? He gave me his number on the last one but I was that pissed I couldnt read my own writing the next day! End of quotation

- Lee Chimes (Dude)

And, as if by magic, who should get in contect eleven years later ...

Start of quotation We were at the flying haggis rally twice , once there was no band playing , and you had a karaoke! I was dancing on table, singing Born to be Wild. End of quotation

- Andy McNichol

Start of quotation I knew a few chaps from the Balloch Bears, met them in Arisaig the first time. There were also a good bunch from East Kilbride went to the Haggis rally too.

I think my first FHR I was riding a GPZ750. Second time I rode an XT600, bright yellow with desert tank.

We came up from Kilmarnock, about a dozen of us. There was a Triumph chop with flames (Jim the rider was mystified why it ran out of petrol leaving Dunoon. He claimed "I put £2 in before I left!") Guzzi Spada, HD, 4 cylinder chop, that's about all I remember.

Great memories and one of my favourite rallies guys. We affectionately call it the Flying Jobby Rally, due to the obvious similarity of the winged haggis and a flying jobby.

Might even have a meet up or reunion, you never know. End of quotation

- Paul Cameron