Force Ten Rally

The Force Ten Rally (celebrating Vango's finest tent!) is organized by Mayflower MCC; It sort of took over from the Shakespeare MCC's rally to become the first rally of the year.

It is held on the first full weekend of the year and has moved site quite a few times, but is usually in the Stratford area.


- Ted

For me it's an opportunity to start the year with a quick dash down the M62/ M1/ M69 then onto the best part, a short section of the Fosse Way. In summer I have to admit to travelling rather too quickly at times on the Fosse, but in winter it pays to be a bit more cautious and take a look at the scenery & then hopefully not become part of it!

At this time of year the weather can and does do anything! Despite the cold, one of the most scenic rides I have ever had was heading down towards Gaydon with all the trees and hedges frosted over and just a nice dusting of snow in the fields, having to put the tent up in a field with what seemed like permafrost took some of the enjoyment away, but this is a winter rally!

One of the years I spent most of Saturday looking round the Heritage Motor Museum which was just a short walk up the road from the rally site.

Of course it's not compulsory to have a force ten tent to use at the rally but they are normally plentiful even now in the age of the Dometent!

I arrived at one Force Ten rally (at Welford on Avon) with a newly acquired Mk3 Vango, but when I tried to put it up I found that I had not brought the A pieces that hold the poles together. I was lucky because "Rad‍ar" from the Mayflower Club had a couple of spare ones with him so panic over!

Sunday mornings at the rally are not as much fun as they used to be now that most people have modern bikes with fuel injection and engine management. It still takes a healthy battery to start a big twin in sub zero conditions.

Of course I never have any problem with mine ...

- Ted Trett