GPO Rally

12th October 1990 - Barrel Bikers (Buckingham) MCC

The Barrel's artist had been busy again, as the info-sheet was mostly taken up with a cartoon story featuring the club's mascot, 'Bernard the Belligerent Bunny'.

"This is a nice bedroom" said Emily, "I've never been in a bedroom with a mirror on the ceiling. What's it for?" "Let me show you" said Peter as he slid his hands under her skirt and up her young slender thigh. "You see when you ... What's going on Enough of that for now. Do you believe we have nothing else to think about? Shame on you. Well this is the 10th GPO rally. Since we've run out of different colours we've changed the badge design slightly. We've had every sort of good and bad weather since the GPO began (it used to be in April). Though we know about 458 words to describe rain. It's the usual routine... FRIDAY NIGHT: In the marquee (real ale) Music by all your favourite or (or rather our favourite) artists. "More, give me more!" she gasped. "Alright then." he replied, as he moved his mouth back down to ... AT MIDNIGHT: There is a Ghost Hunt. If you want to know more speak to a Barrel Biker Marshall. I scream. You scream. Everyone loves a good scream. SATURDAY 11am: A run out to a local real ale pub via several other places. Where do you want to go? 3am: The games. If wet, in the toilet tents. SATURDAY NIGHT: Live music in the marquee. 10:30pm: Miss/Mr Rally and other amusements. SUNDAY MORNING: The trophies will be awarded, when we get our act together. All times are subject to change since I made 'em up. Newport Pagnell is the nearest town. Turn left out of the site. Milton Keynes is also that way. Turn right for Northampton. THANKS TO: Sharon for typesetting, Graham for computer artwork and Margaret for plot inspiration. Roger Bradbury did the rest. "I see what you mean about the ceiling mirror." she murmured sleepily. (cont. p10) TRUE FACTS ABOUT THE WABBITS Most of these facts are from The Private Life Of The Rabbit by RM Lockley. Rabbits are very gregarious. The bucks (male rabbits) are very aggressive towards each other. Each adult rabbit needs at least 150 square yards of grassland to survive. Rabbits are silent except when scared and during sex. Rabbits only live for 4-5 years. They mate as fast as possible. A runic Viking graffiti translated says "Gudred mated like a bunny". Rabbits can disembowel each other with their back legs. Rabbits produce two types of bunny berries. Their poo is reingested (eaten). Rabbits don't take offence at being told to eat shit. How can I illustrait this?

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Friday evening mostly featured the usual bunch of reprobates consuming more than the recommended amount of alcohol and doing some very unlikely things. One guy even tried to climb a tent pole feet first. When it was discovered he couldn't do this on his own, more and more people tried to push him up, until the pile collapsed under its own, considerable, weight.

Saturday followed the normal course. While some of the organisers' children were allowed to play with a drum kit, games were contested, including Musical bikes, Pillow fight (standing on barrels), Barrel carrying, Back-to-back ski race and, of course, tug-of-war.

More games were held later on in the evening, more orthodox pole climbing went on, in varying states of undress. Somebody had the idea of tying beer cans to the cross poles and getting people to dislodge them with long sticks, but this was met with varying degrees of success and personal injury, so was eventually given up.

Bobbing for apples type games involving water and flour preceded eating and drinking competitions and, during a break in the music, one brave girl took some clothes off. (She didn't have to do much as she was the only contestant but did it anyway.)

Some Rally Virgins were covered in flour, ketchup and beer in varying quantities, and a general good time was had by all.

No problems on the way home, after we managed to negotiate the muddy track out of the field.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley