Shakespeare Rally

Early on Friday morning, 24 September 1993, the following participants met in front of my house: Hans Mondorf, Axel Bodeit, Harald Bodeit, Jurgen Krechel, Dieter Mundorf, Karl Heinz Poppe.

Ahead of us lay 450 km of motorway to the Hoverport in Calais. The usual route via Cologne, Aachen, Liege, Charleroi, Lille, Dunkirk to Calais. We mastered the route without any problems.

Harald Bodeit set the pace with his Suzuki GS 750 with Dnepr sidecar. A short ride (flight) with the hovercraft to the port in Dover.

From there on to the Maidstone service station on the M20 for a short lunch.

Refreshed and strengthened, on to The Four Alls pub in Welford on Avon.

Like every year, we first set up the tents before we drink our first pint.

The usual cozy Friday evening in the pub with many famous people.

A trip on Saturday morning after a delicious English breakfast to Wellesbourne Airfield Market.

Then to the Burton Dassett Hills where the group photo was taken. Left to right: Harald Bodeit, Jurgen Krechel, Hans Mondorf, Axel Bodeit, Dieter Mundorf, Karl Heinz Poppe.

Saturday evening in the pub with good food and cold beer (lager).

Once again the prize for the furthest journey on the continent went to us, as we were the only ones from there, as is so often the case.

The journey home was also problem-free.

Unfortunately, less than a month later we had to carry our motorcycle friend Harald Bodeit to the grave. He couldn't win the fight against his illness. His Suzuki GS 750 with a Dnepr sidecar is still owned by his brother Axel today.

- Hans Mondorf