25th January 1991 - Hedgehog MCC

Once again, I was heading into the great northern wilds without a club to back me up. At least it wasn't snowing this year. Luckily, at this event, I had got to know most of the regulars, so I was not alone once I got there. Be that as it may, nothing much happened on Friday, but it was a pub rally, so there was not much scope for hi-jinks.

On Saturday I hooked up with some people I knew from the Leeds Uni MCC, (LUNI MCC), when they went off to some town even further into the wilds, I forget why, it just seemed a good idea at the time. One of them had a bit of a breakdown, (my memory is hazy - it may have been a minor - no injury - off), in the middle of the moors, but we soon got back to the pub in time to get a couple of bike piccies, before the session started.

Low-level malarkey was enjoyed once again, and everybody seemed agreeable that a good time was had, finishing off in the snack marquee back at the campsite.

Sunday morning saw a few people having a quick breakfast while checking out their stocks and shares in the broadsheets, as one does. One, presumably local, kid was pushing his fully faired bicycle around the tents as people were packing up. The trip home was dull and a bit chilly, but well within limits.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley