Hidden Valley Rally

The Rally was held at the Brewery site again, in conjunction with their beer festival.


- Ted & Heather

I hope nothing ever goes badly wrong while it is there, because it would be unfortunate if you were unable to organise a piss-up in a brewery!

Well we were warned that we were in for some extreme weather, and we weren't disappointed.

Heather and I went on our outfit, (The Beetroot), so we had a bit of an advantage over the twenty or so brave souls who went on solo bikes.

About fifty people booked in but some of them had full fairings on their bikes that made them look suspiciously like cars to me, shame on you!

Lots of the people expected to come for the beer festival could not get there, so that meant there was more beer for the rallyists to try out. We did our best to help the landlord get rid of his excess stock.

I think the pictures tell the story far better than we can!

- Ted Trett and Heather MacGregor


Open quote Brave man or on something other than a BM Close quote

(Wrong on both counts)