Illumination Rally

Unlike the Blackpool Rally I think this one was held in Blackpool.

Bernie Thorpe assures me this rally was an entirely Morecambe affair to celebrate the local lights.

Run by the Morecambe and District MCC as confirmed by Shaun Tomlinson, second generation Morecambe and District MCC member.

Start of quotation The Rally was in Morecambe not Blackpool. I'm a member of Morecambe and District. My mum and dad were chairman and secretary at the time and they are certain it was Morecambe as they organised it.

The club has been around since 1973 and is now being made bigger. We are running a family fun and bike day at the George Hotel, Torrishome in Morecambe on the 23rd August 2009 to raise money for St Johns Hospice. End of quotation

- Shaun Tomlinson

I hope Shaun will pass on memories from older members of MAD MCC. At least I know what town I was in now.

Start of quotation I was one of the orginisers.

There were three rallies each year run by Morecambe and District MCC starting in the early 70s.

First was the Clipper Rally held approx the end of February, usually held in Warton near Carnforth.

Second was the Dogdiggers Rally held over the Easter bank holiday weekend.

Third was the Illumination Rally held over the August bank holiday. The second and third rallies were held in Morecambe at various sites.

Loads of memories come to mind, some maybe I shouldn't mention.

Yes, I still ride motorcycles and go to rallies. End of quotation

- Anon

We think you could mention those memories safely under the statute of limitations. Tell all - including who you are.

Start of quotation The Rally was at the Lancaster Moor Hospital Social Club.

I was a member of Morecambe and District MCC from way way back. There are too many special memories to start recalling, but one Rally at the social club we did an eating competition as was normal then. Cornish pasties with chillies, mustard and god only knows what else.

I still ride but no rallies anymore. End of quotation

- Steve Carter

Start of quotation Me and a good mate were at the Moor Hospital Rally. God it was cold!!

There was me and an old mate Frank Whitham who was a member of the Dog and Partridge MCC Preston. Unfortunately he passed away a few years back.

I had a 400 Bandit and Frank had a VX800. Good times.

We went down to Lancaster for a curry until we found out they didn't have an alchohol licence!

I still rally - Mobile Chaos in Oct 09 last one. Planning a Harley Ride in Florida next March. End of quotation

- Chris Marsh

Start of quotation Went to the Illumination Rally 1976 with other members of Potters Wheels MCC(Stoke on Trent) Got bussed too and from rally site to the Heysham Head Hotel (near to the kart track) for the piss up.

Can't remember much more! Beer, whiskey, old age etc. End of quotation

- Steve Parks

Start of quotation Thanks for mentioning this rally. The camp site was straight across the road from the Heysham Head pub and being the original founder of this and other rallies with the then Morecambe and District Car Club as it then was. End of quotation

- Birdseye