Intern. Treffen

It was my first long trip abroad, Paul and I were newly together and he planned to do the Stella Alpina in Italy. I don't remember how long we were away but there was a loose plan to head to the Alps through Germany and Austria, do the Stella and come back through France.

As my only bike at that time was a 1950s 500cc Royal Enfield Paul judged it would be prudent to take only one bike - his BMW R75/5. I was content to go pillion... I didn't really have much choice. Crossing at Dover we headed east and you will have to forgive me if I can't remember exactly where it was but, at one service station we saw a small group of bikes. Flitneys! John and Fred in the company of Tony Reynolds and maybe one other. I forget. Usual greetings ensued and we found out where we were all heading.

Paul and I had no fixed plans but John and company were off to a nearby rally - The Intern. Rally.

We decided to join them and found ourselves at a small beery rally nearby. All I remember is that Paul was given the long distance award, much to the annoyance of Tony who, being from Coventry, would have won otherwise!

- Heather MacGregor