Last Drop Rally

The Last Drop Rally is organized by the Saddle Sore Rally Club, at a site near Droitwich; this Rally replaced The Spark in the Dark, which ran for ten years.

The Saddle Sore club always seems to put on some great events, and the Last Drop is no exception. The camping is in a large flat field next to an excellent real ale Pub / Hotel / Restaurant. Last year we had exclusive use of the pub, and a sign outside said PRIVATE PARTY.

On Site they have a fairly large club tent, where you can sit and have a tea or coffee (in a proper mug, no plastic cups here!) and usually a chocolate biscuit or two all for free!

The Club always seem to try to have games / entertainment on the Saturday and as a bonus this year were having a birthday celebration for one of their members whether he wanted it or not!

The Rally in July '07 was one of the few scorching hot weekends of that year, and they were fortunate again this year, with another fine sunny weekend.

The rally seems to attract a fair proportion of 'serious' i.e. high mileage rallyists, and there are always a few interesting bikes to look at. The Gold Wing with jockey wheels belongs to a chap who has previously had to ride trikes due to injuries and it is good to see him back on a solo.

The formula is quite easy: Good Company in a nice location, with all the food and drink you can handle. What could be better?

The ride to and from the rally for me can be mostly motorway (unlikely) or a combination of fast A and B roads down from Bradford through the Peak District and then cut around Birmingham. On my way home in '07 I chose to follow the A38 up and straight through Brum, as I hadn't been through for years. It was amazing how things have changed over the years with the biggest shock being the large expanse of wasteland that had been the BL Longbridge Plant last time I passed. Up until then it was just something I had heard about in the news, but all those engineering jobs and all that history have now gone forever.

It's always fun to tackle the Spaghetti junction, and come out in the right place (usually!) I was wondering how much has been spent on signs for the M6 TOLL, all the way up there were signs for it but they haven't got me on there yet!

- Ted Trett

Start of quotation I agree with Ted, another excellent rally by the Saddle Sore Rally Club.
The Wing with stabilisers belongs to Matt of the Evicted MCC. End of quotation

- Henk