Mad Monks Rally

I went to the 1985 Mad Monks.


- Phil the Spill

I managed to get a puncture on the motorway and managed to snap my pannier key trying to get the buggers off. The tyre place let me use a ramp to get the wheel off with panniers in place; they wouldn't do it themselves.

When I finally got to the site I made the mistake of riding the bike into the - extremely muddy - camping area. The back end managed to slide down into the ditch at the side, requiring several people to get it out.

I set the tent up and emptied the panniers, using the screwdriver opening method, then drove carefully out.

Not a great deal occurred as far as I can remember. All I do remember is vast amounts of mud.

On Sunday, having decided not to try bringing the bike in again, I carried my stuff over to the bike and left. It only took a few minutes to get the bike out of the field, but weeks to get the field out of the bike.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley

Open quote Damn good report. Like the photos. Wish that I'd have done that one. Close quote