Muffin the Mule is Illegal

This rally was held in Northants I believe, probably near Thrapston. Or was I lost?

The Nottingham 41 club wanted to call it the Muffin the Mule rally and wrote to the Enid Blyton Trust for permission to feature Muffin on the badge.

The trust directed them to the BBC who held the copyright.

An Impromptu Turn

In turn the BBC took a dim view of the prospect of having dear old Muffin decorating greasy bikers and said they would not give permission and it would be illegal to use Muffin on the badge. Hence Muffin the Mule is Illegal. What did you think they meant?

Start of quotation Never been to this one but we had similar idea when organising our Beau Peep rally in '83. Contacted the Star newspaper and said what we wanted to do and also hold a look-a-like competition. They sent back "OK and you could even do a look-a-like competition" as if it were their idea? Still they did send some original sketches for prizes. End of quotation

- Flint

Start of quotation Claus still wears it My name is Claus. I live in Germany.

In 1977 (at the age of 16) I spent my holidays in London, Liverpool and Bishop's Castle.

I was a BMW pillion passenger. If I remember rightly the rally was near Bishop's Castle. End of quotation

- Claus Buettgenbach