Mushy Pee Rally

This was a small invitation rally in February 1982 that I had managed to blag us into.

It was held in the Peak District overlooking Macclesfield. With me was Trotsky, Cal and Woodsey.



- Dave

I remember pitching against a stone wall as a shelter from the wind which destroyed a number of tents on the Friday night.

We wanted to go into Macclesfield but because of the weather we were confined to the large white pub across the road from the site.

- Dave Ranger

Start of quotation We only did the one Mushy Pee rally I think it was 1985 (Purple badge). During the week leading up to it we got word that the Kirkstone pass was shut and alternative site was just outside Leek. So Friday night we set off.

Climbing over the penines on the M62 the weather changed, by the time we got to Stott Hall Farm, where the road splits to go round the farm the horizontal snow was getting heavy. On the top near Saddleworth Moor we were down to 30mph. Only one car passed us, all the occupants pressed up against the windows looking at the loonies on bikes with tents in a blizzard. The car had skis on the roofbars.

As soon as we came off the top the snow eased and apart from a few turns round Stockport a decent run to the site. My brother was already there on the winter bike he'd got to save his Goldwing. Most folks got a trail bike or something sensible, he went for a Z1300.

On the site luckily was a food bus that was parked up for the winter, serving all the usual and a couple of decent pubs within staggering distance. Got chatting with Swanny and a few young lads from up in Barrow in Furness. There was much roistering and the locals all took it in good heart. The weather held off and it was a good trad rally.

When the lads from Barrow set off on sunday I realised they were all on L plates except Swanny. I think they were expecting a short run to Kirkstone pass when they booked. End of quotation

- Andy Hunter

Start of quotation God, what a cold one it was... I was with a guy called Roy on a GS850 and we too went to that pub across the road.

I remember a dude puking his ring up and his crew threw him outside in just a Tshirt, and that night it froze too.

God, I miss those days.

Great finding this site. End of quotation

- Roger Lockyer