Nesting Nighthawks

4th March 1988 - Nighthawks MCC

It was a rather dull 200-odd mile ride to the site on the outskirts of Manifold Valley, but it was March, so this probably wasn't surprising. It took so long that we were rather tired on the Friday night and weren't really in a party mood. We stayed in the pub long enough to warm up, and then retired to bed.

Saturday started out pretty much the same as Friday, but the sun was trying to break through, with varying degrees of success.

A group of us were intrigued when we were told that some company was making a film over by the grandly named Thor's Cave, 'just down the road'. We trudged through a couple of miles of stony track and muddy pathway until we got to the cave. It turned out that the operable word was 'WAS', as whatever stars had been there were long since gone. For those interested, the film was Ken Russell's 'Lair of the White Worm' starring Catherine Oxenberg and Peter Capaldi, amongst others.

When we eventually arrived back at the pub the games were well underway, and all we saw was groups of people attacking each other with cardboard tubes covered in bubble-wrap and a pushing-a-moped-through-an-obstacle-course game.

In the evening, the rally had moved to the pub's function room, and much hilarity ensued.

Sunday dawned just as dull, if nor more so, than the rest of the weekend, so we had another long, cold, ride home.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley