Nob Rot Rally

22nd October 1982 - Griffin MCC

Not a subtle name and certainly not a subtle badge but, providing you can get past those minors points, a good weekend, (you didn't have to wear badge, after all).

Stratford-upon-Avon was the location of this one. Yes - THAT Stratford. Unfortunately no medieval romance/intrigue/comedy was performed here. It was more like the Battle of the Somme. No rain, but plenty of Autumn mist all over the field, unseen vehicles roaring back and forth and explosions left, right and centre, (due to the proximity of the annual re-enactment of the ritual slaughter of the only man to enter parliament with honest intentions - Guy Fawkes).

I think a good deal of beer was consumed, although, at one point, most of it seemed to be being applied externally.

The up-the-pole stripper was there, doing his thang. No splinter injuries, thankfully.

On the Saturday we went into town and made sure the Brit-biker among us was suitably humiliated, before returning to site and pulling a few trees apart to contribute to the smoky atmosphere over the field.

The t-shirt removal contest was suitably attended and I'm sure I recognised some of the girls from previous exposures.

Even without the rain, it was a bit of a damp run home, but no lasting ill-effects.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley

Start of quotation I was at the Nob Rot Rally in 1981 and 1982. I still have the badges. I was in a club called Chiltern White Lion MCC based around Luton.

My BSA A10 blew up on the way to the rally in 1982 and someone gave me a tow near Brackley and I then came off and had to abandon the bike. I attended the rally as a pillion on a mates bike but had to visit Stratford hospital to get my shoulder looked at . Happy days!

As for 1981 I seem to remember that the rally was held near Rugby? Perhaps between Long Lawford and Kings Newnham? Does anyone remember if this is correct? End of quotation

- Dave Bavister

We like to record the location of past rallies. Can you recall any?