Notted Bear Rally

It was held at Alrewas just up the road from Lichfield. My old club the North Midland Motorcycle Club ran it. It did move for a while to Market Bosworth Rugby Club.

Everyone should remember the goat fenced off at the side of the field and the scooter throwing.

As an aside what happened to the two rally fanzines Rally Review and Big Bollards? Dave Richmond's column and dedicated rally pages in MCN and Motorcycle Weekly?

The memories just come flooding back. I could write all night about the rallies but probably end up homeless though. Only do a couple or three a year now.


Regards to all.

- Jasper

Start of quotation I have the badge in my hand, the spelling is correct, notted, the badge has heraldry on a shield motif... End of quotation

- Phil Wilkinson

(From Phil's intro to the Notted Bear 1978 passage in his book "It's Only The Dirty Ones We Don't Want.")

Start of quotation I can remember the scooter chassis throwing. I should do, I supplied it!

Somewhere about I have got some photos of it including one of the bike copper having a go.

The NMMCC still has a small social gathering every Wednesday at the Market Tavern in Atherstone .

It's nice to know our rally is still listed somewhere and I will have to find the other year badges and put them on this site. End of quotation

- Chuck

Too right you will Chuck, 'cos now we know where to find you!

Start of quotation Wotcha Jasper

Nice to be remembered! I'm still riding (1979 GS850), still tinkering (three old Brits and a lowrider in need of an engine) and still doing the odd rally (member of the Mayflower and Fat Bastard MCCs). Good to know there's a few of us still about after all these years, eh?

Cheers End of quotation

- Dave Richmond

Start of quotation Nice to see my one and only venture into journalism (Big Bollards) mentioned on the web. Used to take about a week to put it together and lots of time at a photocopier at Chrysler to get it out.

NMMC had a hard-core of rallyists in those days. The Notted Bear was always well organised in spite of the difficulty getting a field locally. I remember them well, and the good times I shared with Ron Wilson, Brian Wills, Martin, Chuck, Sandy etc.

Remember the disco nights? A touch on the heavy side but brilliant entertainment. End of quotation

- Ron Seal

Start of quotation AYUP, IT'S DANO! Remember me?

Most of my time with NMMCC is a drunken haze. I still got most of my rally badges and cut off, which is way too small for me these days.

Got meself an 88 V MAX for pottering about on.

Anyone still riding? End of quotation

- Dano aka John Smith

Start of quotation Please pass on message to Dano, Chuck and Jasper..

Beard, Ace, Stavros, Ginger Jo, Pam and Sue all alive and well in sunny Northampton.

Stavros has finally got a girlfriend (his own) End of quotation

- Beard