Paasei Treffen

Organized by MC Zwolle en Omstreken at Easter Weeekend on a site to the South of Zwolle in Holland.

The Passei, or Easter Egg rally was a bit of a lively affair for a Dutch rally. It was getting too big to control in 76, but got totally out of hand in 77 and I don't think it was held again. The Club still exists, and have a web site, but don't have any Treffens advertised.

I stayed for the Friday night in 76 but moved on to the Molen Treffen, and in 77 went across from the Molly to visit some of the Dean Valley lot who were there for the weekend. The site was totally overcrowded, and it took ages to find either the Brit Rally crowd, or any of the organizers.

I found out later that there had been a bad motorcycle crash, and there was talk of canceling the Rally I don't remember any details though. It's all a long time ago and I can't even blame alcohol for forgetting, so it must be old age!

We rode across to visit the Paasei instead of going into Amsterdam again on the train from the Molen Treffen, but it was not a wasted journey, as we did a lot of back roads to get there and back and it was a change from just using the excellent Dutch motorway system.

- Ted Trett