Pre-Elephant Rally

North Staffordshire Motorcycle Club held a few rallies in this location in the Peak District. Monyash rings a bell but so does Quasimodo and they didn't hold it there! The purpose of the rally was self elephant. Practice your drinking skills ready for Germany.

Things I recall.

Cliff and Margaret Payne from the Kettering and District have some real photos for this rally.

Despite the blurred memories recounted above here are the true facts.

Start of quotation I think you may be incorrect in your assumption that the Pre-Elephant rally was held by the North Staffs Motorcycle Club as I think it was organised by the North Staffs Sidecar Club. I speak with some authority as legend has it that the elephant logo was designed/copied from the cover of one of my colouring books by my dad (Bill Myatt - cream and black Triumph Thunderbird with Busmar sidecar).

I must admit I don't remember the exact location except that it was close to Ilam/Dovedale and was in a field behind a pub called the Dog & Partridge. I know it was held for several years and the coloured band around the edge of the badge denotes the year. Don't ask me which colour is which year though!

I do remember an Ovaltine van (in the shape of an Ovaltine can) which was aways there and dispensed free drinks. End of quotation

- Dave Myatt

organised by the North Staffs Sidecar Club

Thanks for the definitive information, Dave. Victor Smith (now in Australia) adds ...

Start of quotation I went to the 1966 rally with members of WD 66 Allen Lucas & Glen Purser.

End of quotation

- Victor Smith.

To confirm that Dave Myatt is spot on see the Megaphone Editorial from 1967.